What is a CDFA®

Enjoy calmer waters with our 5 step process to a peaceful divorce.

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst is a financial and relational expert. We provide you with the assistance you need to work through your amicable divorce, by providing a balanced perspective of what will be the most mutually beneficial proceedings for all involved.

As a CDFA®, we are trained to seek out and spot financial details that may seem unimportant but may have a significant impact down the road. We help you craft a financial plan that will last not only through the divorce proceedings, but will continue to benefit you long after.

For Amicably Divorcing Couples, We Have Your Solution

Our 5 Step Process

Initial Consultation

An initial meeting where we can learn about your situation, answer any questions you have, and get clarity on the desired outcomes of each party. At that meeting we will give you a list of documents to provide to us and client data sheets to complete.

step 2 CDFA® divorce process

Information Gathering

Time to gather your relevant documents to provide to us via secure, online shared storage.

step 3 CDFA® divorce process


We will complete all of the data entry, analysis, and report preparation for a joint negotiation meeting.

step 4 CDFA® divorce process

Settlement Negotiation

We schedule a 2-hour presentation/negotiation session where we present our findings and offer one or more settlement options to consider. We work with you until all aspects of your settlement are decided.

step 5 CDFA® divorce process

Documentation & Filing

Document preparation and filing by one of our recommended family attorneys. The entire documentation and filing process can be completed in a little as four weeks…seriously.

Comparing Your Options

Sail Into Smooth Waters

What is the best way to divide the assets? Who ends up with the home, and who keeps the car(s)? How can we navigate all of these decisions fairly and in agreement?

You and your spouse want a peaceful divorce. How ever you came to the decision to end a marriage and continue your lives separately, you need more than just a methodical process of dividing up the assets into “his and her” piles. You want a plan that will mutually benefit both of you as well as provide a jumping off point for your separate lives.

That’s where we come in.

Value Based Pricing

Save Money With a CDFA®

Attorney(s) Mediator Emerald City Divorce Solutions
Document Preparation and Filing
Legal Information
Confidential and Private
Assisted Settlement Negotiation
Communication Support
Avoid Courtroom
Preserves the Family
Creative Financial Guidance
Advanced Tax Planning
Proper Valuation of Assets
20 year financial plan for both parties
Package Pricing for Transparency
Expertise in Complex Financial Situations
Forensic Expertise
Average Price $5,000-$10,000 $7,000-15,000 Starting at $3,000**

Our fees only increase when we can save you more money!

Work with the only professionals in the divorce realm that can actually give you advice on the smartest way to structure your settlement so that both of you get to keep more of your own money. Our pricing is transparent, flat-fee pricing based on the complexity of your finances. Schedule your initial consultation today so your divorce won’t result in financial devastation.

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Emerald City Divorce Solutions

As Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA®), we provide the most peaceful and respectful divorce process that we can, affording a couple an agreeable parting with minimal costs and the assurance of a financial plan to carry them into a new chapter in life.

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